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    Nikhil Nanjappa

    You cannot have more than one rel attribute into one element, but you can insert more than one argument into a single rel attribute value – just delimit them with a space:

    Valid: <a href="example.com" rel="follow nofollow">hello</a>

    Not Valid: <a href="example.com" rel="follow" rel="nofollow">hello</a>

    I think for what you are looking for :

    GoogleBot does obey the rel="nofollow" attribute.. as for rel="follow" – I don’t think so. rel="follow" is only used to override the default “nofollow”

    It actually depends on what you want to achieve, If you want “nofollow” then just use rel="nofollow" & the rel="follow" is not needed, But on the other hand if you want rel="follow", then you need to provide rel="nofollow" first and then override it by rel="follow" like below

    <a href="example.com" rel="nofollow follow">hello</a>

    Here is a good article which explains it


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